Monthly Archives: October 2020

Assembly Awakening from Lololoshka [1.7.10] [58 mods]

  A new assembly from Lololoshka called ” Awakening “, it is assembled on the old school version of Minecraft 1.7.10 and contains 58 mods. Unlike many other hodgepodge, the assembly is well developed, it has 4 incompatible mods that Lololoshka or his team were able to combine. The build is focused on magic, …

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Torument – small cute mobs [1.15.2]

Torument – small cute mobs   The mod will add nine small and very cute ones to minecraft (although some of them are far from cute in behavior), among them there are such as: Crab, Snail, Shrimp, Tarantula, Starfish, Mollusk and other well-known animals. They all leave behind something (shrimp meat, …

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