Assembly Awakening from Lololoshka [1.7.10] [58 mods]

Assembly Awakening from Lololoshka [1.7.10] [58 mods]


A new assembly from Lololoshka called ” Awakening “, it is assembled on the old school version of Minecraft 1.7.10 and contains 58 mods. Unlike many other hodgepodge, the assembly is well developed, it has 4 incompatible mods that Lololoshka or his team were able to combine. The build is focused on magic, but industrial is also present in it.

Among the major industrial mods, of course, Industrial craft 2 , among the magical ones – everyone’s favorite Thaumcraft , Ars Magica , as well as Witchery and ChromatiCraft [1.7.10] . The assembly contains a large RPG mod – The Lord of the Rings .


List of mods:



Passage from Lololoshka:



How to install assembly:

  1. Install Minecraft 1.7.10
  2. Install Forge version 1.7.10-
  3. Take away all your mods. (highly desirable)
  4. Delete all contents of the config folder (highly desirable)
  5. Copy all folders and files from the archive to .minecraft
  6. Merge folders if needed.
  7. Do not install Optifine , it is already in the mods folder
  8. In the launcher, run the forge version of the game 1.7.10-

Detailed installation instructions


Download assembly Awakening:


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