Easy Steel & More Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4

Simple Steel and More Mod 1.15.2/1.15.1/1.14.4 (Vanilla Friendly Gear Fitting Between Stone and Less than Diamond) is intended for vanilla+ play, regarding the matchless quality of Diamond and offering the member with additional choices for instruments, weapons, and defensive layer. This mod gives Flint, Bronze, Metal, Titanium Alloy, Hardened Metal and Tungsten-Carbide to supply a more full fluctuate of determinations between Vanilla’s Stone and Diamond.


The spot the provisions coordinate with Vanilla:

The Crack Hammer will presumably be a fundamental gadget! Appropriate snap on changed metals and it’ll haphazardly drop 3, 2, or 1 powdered minerals. There’s a little likelihood you’ll basically get stone powder. Drop charges will be balanced inside the config. Chips away at coal, iron, gold, jewel, emerald, copper, tin, titanium, and tungsten. On the off chance that mineral squares from various mods have right Forge metal labels, it will take a shot at these as pleasantly.

It you need additional consistent quality inside the game, you’ll have the option to debilitate the right-click normal for the Crack Hammer and Hand Shovel inside the config document.

Minecraft 1.14 propelled a fresh out of the plastic new Blast Furnace. Most likely the best utilizes of a Blast Furnace is to make amalgams. This mod gives a simple strategy to make metal and bronze.

While numerous minerals course of faster inside the Blast Furnace, in correlation with the regular Furnace, Carbon and Metal take for any longer. Copper, tin, and bronze are only a little more slow than standard.


4 minerals are added to world time: Bornite (copper), Cassiterite (tin), Rutile (titanium), and Wolframite (tungsten); collect by right-tapping on the metals with a Crack Hammer to get powders; metals will be debilitated inside the config

Carbon is acquired using a break hammer (right-click) on coal mineral, dropping carbon powder

Bronze is made by blending copper and tin powders (3×1) in making work area and handling the Uncooked Bronze in an ordinary Furnace

Metal is made by blending carbon powder and iron powder in making work area and handling the Uncooked Metal in a Blast Furnance

Titanium Alloy is made by blending carbon powder and titanium powder in making work area and preparing the Uncooked Titanium Alloy in a Blast Furnance

Solidified Metal is made by blending uncooked metal and carbon powder in making work area and preparing the Uncooked Hardened Metal in a Blast Furnance

Tungsten-Carbide is made by blending tungsten powder and carbon powder in making work area and preparing the Uncooked Tungsten_Carbide in a Blast Furnance

Split Hammer present mineral multiplying for copper, tin, tungsten, iron, gold, precious stone, and emerald.


Starting in an Excessive Hills Biome is valuable since minerals could likewise be revealed on the floor

Utilize a Hand Shovel to collect Sharp Flint to make stone instruments. Use by right-tapping on Gravel squares, arbitrary likelihood to get both rock or sharp stone.

Using a pickaxe on metal yields (1) powder, using a Crack Hammer on minerals yields (2) powders

Carbon Powders are gotten by right-clicking with a Crack Hammer on Coal Ore

Iron Nuggets will be created into Iron Hyperlinks, which will be made into vanilla Chain Mail



Bronze and Steel Armor/Tools/Weapons can be produced using Silent Mechanisms bronze and steel

Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Ingots – used to make Steel Plate

Rock/Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Tools and Weapons – produced using ingots and sticks

Steel/Hardened Steel Bows and Crossbows

Bronze/Steel/Titanium Alloy/Hardened Steel/Tungsten-Carbide Armor – produced using Bronze, Steel, Titanium Alloy, Hardened Steel, and Tungsten-Carbide Plates

Copper, Tin, Titanium, and Tungsten Ingot included for cross mod similarity


Minecraft Forge

Figure out how to set up:

Guarantee you have just placed in Minecraft Forge.

Discover the minecraft programming organizer.

On home windows open Run from the earliest starting point menu, kind %appdata% and snap on Run.

On macintosh open discoverer, keep up down ALT and snap on Go then Library inside the prime menu bar. Open the envelope Utility Assist and quest for Minecraft.

Spot the mod you have essentially downloaded (.container record) into the Mods envelope.

When you dispatch Minecraft and snap on the mods button it’s ideal to now observe the mod is placed in.


Easy Steel & More Mod Download

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